We know that looking for a church home can be a difficult task.  If you're looking for the perfect church, look no further.  Because we are not a perfect church!  But we are a group of people, flawed as we may be, who are discovering what it means to be loved by God and to follow Jesus in community.  Regardless of where you are in discovering this for yourself, we invite you to join us on your journey!

We are the Church.

While the pandemic has meant church looks a lot different than what we're used to, we're excited to be meeting and worshipping and connecting both in person and virtually.  Join us via YouTube or the app for our 4 PM Sunday  postings, and for hybrid small groups during the week!

Recent Sermon

This week, Pastor Timothy Fisher delivers our first sermon of the Advent Season.  Be blessed as you prepare your heart for the celebration of our Savior's birth.

Connect with us.

Gathering Times

Sunday Morning
10:00 AM