Jesus loves me, this I know!

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"Let the children come to me."

We want our kids to have a relationship with Jesus at an early age. In Kids Church: Preschool, children are dismissed from the sanctuary after praise and worship with their families. They will be led to the clubhouse with their teacher to have some fun learning all about Jesus and His love for us!

Our Monthly Preschool Themes For 2022

January: Jesus at Church:  I Learn About God
February: Jesus’ First Friends:  I Follow Jesus
March: Jesus is My Friend:  Jesus Welcomes the Children
April: Jesus’ Resurrection:  Jesus is Alive
May: God Takes Care of Me:  Jesus Calms a Storm
June: I Can Help:  Four Friends Help a Paralyzed Friend
July: Jesus Walks on Water:  We Believe in Jesus
August: God Gives Me Food:  Boy Shares His Lunch
September: Jesus Heals a Blind Man:  Jesus Helps Us
October: Mary and Martha:  Jesus is My Friend
November: Zacchaeus
December: Jesus is Born:  Jesus is God’s Son